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Mother Magic Apothecary

Sunny is a psychic reader who works with Divine mother energy. We designed her a site that really connects to that healing energy!

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Awakened Balance

Christy and Len offer distance reiki and chakra healing, as well as online meditation workshops. We helped them with their online presence!


Healing With Soleil

Heather is a therapist, kundalini yoga teacher and family constellations healer who needed a new website to expand her business.


Amanda Raynor

Amanda is a certified behavior specialist who offers online courses for growth and self love. She wanted a website that helps her shine.


Priti Insight

Priti is a tarot reader and manifestation coach who needed a new website to really show her personality to her clients.


Starseed Awakening

Miesha is a hypnotherapist. Her site features UFO night watch tours and a virtual membership. Calling all alien enthusiasts!


GypsyGirl Sisterhood

A site for sacred sisterhood, moon gatherings, magical rituals and more. We can create just about anything that sets your soul on fire.


The Spirit Medium Storyteller

Linda Fisher is a spirit medium who delivers messages through storytelling. Designing Intuition helped her revamp her website.


Ready for a new website?

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