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Most of our clients feel they need a little more explanation to understand this service. So, here it is...

The truth is that most business owners don't know how to talk about their businesses. Or, if they do its with long explanations or by speaking in examples. A lot of people simply don't "get what you do". Sometimes they just don't get "how you do it" or "why it can help them".


Finding a Brand Identity ie. words, messages, and looks that are authentically you and attractive to your desired audience will make them thrilled that they found you... and they'll keep coming back for more. Let's face it, this stuff can be hard... but not with the help of a brand expert and someone who can create copy, visual elements and websites that fit your new found voice and vision.​

You're missing the boat!


We've all heard of an elevator speech. What would you say about yourself and your business if you had only 30 seconds? Even if you can do that, would you say the same thing every time? Have you actually taken the time to carefully craft and design that statement to authentically represent yourself, what you do, why you are special and why working with you is worth every penny? If you haven't done that, you've likely missed out on hundreds of opportunities to make clients, followers or connections out of your audience. 

With a wishy-washy 'just say anything' approach to your website and promotional materials, clients will be just wishy-washy about you.


The downside to not having carefully decided position titles, wording and designs is that your clients, followers, and connects won't know you when they meet you. They may be looking for exactly what you do, but because they were unclear of who you were and how you can help, they pass you over.  

Now try the challenge below...

Work Station

If you can't

do this

... then you need a Brand Identity Session Stat!

A timer is set for 10 seconds. When it starts, tell someone 'Who you are', 'What you do' and 'Why they should work with you'... bonus points for anyone who adds 'Why you're worth every penny'. Chances are that's tough.


Next, start the timer over and say the exact same thing... and again, and again. Is that your final answer? Are you positive about the words and phrases you are choosing? If not, you're absolutely missing golden opportunities.  That's where Jen and Tana come in.

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