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  • Online Booking System
  • Testimonial Spaces
  • Reiki Images from Inspired Stock Shop
  • Testimonials
  • Mobile Optimized Website


Step 1: Create a free Wix account (if you do not have one already)

Step 2: Purchase this template and provide the email address associated with your Wix account.

Step 3: We will send a transfer request (from WIX) within 24 hours. (See transfer information below)

**Transfer Information**

You will receive a transfer request via email from Wix asking you to accept the website transfer. Make sure you are logged into your Wix account and click Accept. The website will automatically transfer into your account and you can begin customizing it. If you require any assistance during this process, please contact us and we will gladly help you with it.

*Please note that these themes can only be used on the platform.

Reiki Practitioner Wix Template

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